You are what you do.

I’m a creative leader with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, design, and strategic planning. I’m adaptable, a quick study, and keep calm when the going gets rough. I lead creative teams that get things done.

I spend most of my free time galavanting around in spandex, so either I’m a superhero or an avid cyclist. You decide.

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Things I do well

"You only should do what you know how to do well." – They Might Be Giants

Visual Design

Digital Strategy

I excel at taking big ideas and developing creative, results-oriented strategies that support business and audience goals. My background in interactive design, digital technology, and user experience design informs my audience-first approach. I love creating elegant solutions to complex problems.


Creative Leadership

I’m decisive, able to synthesize information into action, cool under pressure, and accountable. I believe everyone deserves trust, respect, and freedom to explore ideas. It’s my job to keep teams focused and productive, foster creativity, provide guidance, and help everyone get along.


Brand Marketing

I love getting to the heart of a brand, understanding where it needs to go, fostering it, and building brand marketing campaigns. It starts with internal marketing to develop company awareness, and extends to outbound campaigns that deliver exceptional experiences.


A handful of projects I've lead and designed.

Get Social

Enjoy design, cycling, dogs, food, and adventures? Me too.

Brands & Clients

A few of the companies I've been lucky to work with.

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