Stacy Westbrook

Digital strategist & creative director

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In 1996, curiosity brought me to the world wide web, one hand-coded line of HTML in emacs on a UNIX terminal at a time. I had no idea the potent mix of a little code and a little Photoshop was going to change my life and become the start of a career of internet magic.

In 2016, I have a website built and designed by an AI. After 20 years making things on the internet as an interactive and UX/UI designer, not pushing the pixels by my own hand is tough to fathom. I’m letting The Grid create my site.

I'm a digital strategist and creative leader, bringing over 17 years of experience in digital channels, UX and interactive design, strategic planning and marketing. I love building highly collaborative creative teams, fostering big ideas, and planning strategic programs. I'm adaptable, a quick study, and keep calm when the going gets rough. I lead teams that get things done.

What the heck is innovation, anyway?

Think about that friend who fills your social feeds with "epic" tales-their brunch outing, the art show they went to last night, the sunset they witnessed while walking the dog, and on and on. They use the term to the point of meaninglessness. When everything is epic, nothing is epic. And when everything is innovative, nothing seems innovative.

From creating better customer experiences to exploring new technologies, I served as AHA's evangelist for digital strategy and creative innovation across all client accounts. As a part of the agency leadership team I helped guide the future direction of agency, bringing a digital lens and perspective on innovation to our client work and agency processes.

In the last two years I’ve worked with clients at Nike, Charles Schwab, HP and HPE, Blount, and Silicon Valley Bank.

Silicon Valley Bank -

For over a year I helped guide the digital and content strategy for Silicon Valley Bank's new website, working with client stakeholders and AHA’s strategy and creative teams to align audience needs with business goals. I collaborated with client teams in marketing, IT, product marketing, and their agency partners to bring the SVB brand to life in a new website. I guided AHA’s internal teams through executing on the digital and content strategy, as well as exploring new technologies, tools and processes in creating digital content.
AHA is a creative agency that brings brands and people together, with a focus on brand strategy, purpose-driven marketing and corporate communications. I guided their website overhaul, from strategy to execution.

From 2011-2014 I was the creative director at Webtrends, leading the corporate marketing team in developing brand campaigns to build awareness and generate demand for Webtrends products and services. This included two website overhauls, two rebrands, two customer conferences, and countless campaigns. And a flying shark.

From 2007-2011, I started a small creative agency and had my own consulting practice. As a consultant I’ve worked with brands such as Intel, HP, Microsoft, Tripwire, Sungard, Fluke Networks, Alcatel-Lucent and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

I race bikes.

I spend most of my free time in spandex. Five years ago I told a friend I’d never race, yet here I am, a Cat 2 road racer competing against pro and elite women from across the country. Never say never.

There are no bad days on a bike.

I’m trained in graphic design, literature, and critical theory, honed by the fire of two decades designing and building the internet. I’m a designer who writes, a strategist who creates, equal parts INFP and ENTJ.

Let’s make something together.